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I was dealing with an impingement in my left shoulder and Nishal Patel helped me feel better with in a week. He pinpointed where the stress of my shoulder was coming from. He gave me four different exercises to help clear out the impingement and then he had me video him of all the different exercises we went over in that session so I could watch it at home! Nishal Patel is the man! He knows what he is talking about and it just comes down to you doing the stuff he provides you with. If I have any other injuries, I will without hesitation be going back to The Movement Clinic! Their facility is top of the line and everyone who goes there is very nice! This is place to go!

Pierce Leavengood

My sister recommended “The movement clinic” for my knee and ankle issues. I am glad I followed her advice. Nishal is very knowledgeable and professional. The place is super clean and friendly. I enrolled in his fitness training program with the goal of improving strength, general fitness along with addressing my achilles and knee issues. It has been 2 months and I am feeling a lot better with my knee exercises. Not only does he correct posture, he also explains the reasoning behind it as well. I like that instead of forcing extra sessions, he gives timely home exercises to speed up the recovery. I definitely recommend him.

Garima Mittal

Movement Clinic is 100% responsible for helping me get my back in a good shape. I was having repeated back spasms (some easily triggered by a mundane activity like sneezing). Each occurrence leading to a few days of bed rest. For a person that has struggled with back issues (on and off) over a decade, I was lost until Nishal was recommended by a friend.
Not only is he knowledgable (he will spot a bad exercise repetition/posture in a second), he is also humble enough to lean where he can improve. For example, he realized that my body was adapting slower (to exercises) and that it needed time to go back to strengthening the basics (vs. going fast hardcore). I have been seeing Nishal for a few months now and am in a MUCH better shape than when I started. Thank you so much!!

Abhishek Bathla

The Movement Clinic is the absolute BEST PT CLINIC EVER!! Nishal and Aric have gone above and beyond aiding in my shoulder recovery. I have gone to many PT clinics before and none of them come close to The Movement Clinic! As a high level athlete, I needed more drive and push in my recovery and I have found that in The Movement Clinic. Nishal doesn’t just focus on the injury recovery; he also focuses on the movement, the control, and the strength and conditioning. Before finding The Movement Clinic I used to dread going to PT and now I enjoy and actually look forward to my PT sessions. If you are an athlete, this is the PT clinic for you!! They are driven to not only get you back to where you were before but to be better than ever!! Nishal has built a fantastic clinic and I will forever recommend every athlete to go to him and his clinic for PT!!

Carly Evens

Nishal is the best PT I have ever seen, and I have seen a LOT of PT folks due to several chronic injuries! Nishal gives incredibly precise exercises, which target a very specific micro-area of the body we are working with. So instead of giving me 40 minutes of PT to do every day, I have one or two exercises that immediately make a difference. If we are working on one thing, and it hurts, or needs to be pushed more, Nishal knows how to alter the exercise in the moment to target the pain point. He’s also really personable and easy to talk too. Nishal’s philosophy of pushing through chronic pain, when possible, to enable me to be active in the ways I want to in life fills me with hope throughout my visits. I feel stronger and more able to engage in the activities I love, after PT!

Toni Baum

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Bryan Gilliland

Nishal was a fantastic PT. I saw him for a rib issue and he gave me great exercises that helped me rebound super quickly. He took a video on my phone with all my exercises and texted me to check in as I did my rehab. Can’t recommend highly enough!

Marina Davi

Nishal is the best! He is patient, thorough and always pays attention to detail. He has helped me resolve my low back pain and is working with me on my bicep tendinopathy to get back to my training as quickly as possible.

Wouldnt go to the anyone else to resolve my injuries/pains!