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Virtual Training in Austin

Our Virtual Training Program

With our virtual training option, you’ll get the perfect blend of expert guidance and flexible autonomy. We’ll develop a personalized program tailored to help you fine-tune your performance. And whether you decide to schedule live virtual sessions to train together or you prefer to train independently on your own time, your progress will be aided by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, not a technician or assistant.

Virtual training is a great option for:

Athletes who want to train from the comfort of their own home

Traveling athletes who need to train while out of state or on the road

Independent athletes who prefer to train on their own time and at their own pace

Virtual Training Programs in Austin

The Movement Clinic provides a number of different custom virtual training programs for athletes of all kinds. Our core virtual training programs are:

Sport-Specific Training

Strength Training

Hypertrophy Training

Power Training

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Isaac Davila

I’ve been working with Nishal for a while now. He’s worked and restrengthened my shoulder and has treated my hamstrings as well. He’s a very knowledgeable resource and does a great job getting on the same page with his clients in order for them to understand the process to recovery. He invests time into his clients and does a great job one on one making sure they feel the best. I recommend him to any college athlete, great guy that gets great results!

Lance Little

If you want one in one attention out of a physical therapist then Nishal is the guy for you. He is very detail oriented and takes the time to understand his clients and their injuries, and thinks critically when working to get the athlete back to sport. He has helped me strengthen my shoulder back to where I was at pre injury and I will come to him for any physical therapy needs.Not only is he knowledgable (he will spot a bad exercise repetition/posture in a second), he is also humble enough to lean where he can improve. For example, he realized that my body was adapting slower (to exercises) and that it needed time to go back to strengthening the basics (vs. going fast hardcore). I have been seeing Nishal for a few months now and am in a MUCH better shape than when I started. Thank you so much!!