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Custom Training For Any Athlete

Are you a competitive athlete looking to reach the next level of performance? Or are you new to athletics and looking to improve yourself? Whatever experience level you’re at, we’re here to help. From weightlifters to runners, baseball players to golfers, The Movement Clinic provides custom training programs to help athletes of all kinds reach their peak.

Rotational Sports

Field Sports

Linear Sports

Power Lifting

Olympic Lifting

Performance Training Programs

Many serious athletes want to advance their abilities, but don’t want to resort to using medications, injections, or steroids. The Movement Clinic provides science-based performance training programs to help athletes increase their strength, power, speed, stamina, and more without the need of damaging performance-enhancers. Our core training programs include:

  • In-Season Training
  • Off-Season Training
  • Strength Training
  • Hypertrophy Training
  • Power Training

Our Process in Austin

  • We begin by reviewing your previous training history
  • We’ll discuss your current training volume and nutrition, and see what needs to change
  • From this discussion, we’ll set performance goals
  • Our Doctor of Physical Therapy will then develop a custom training program just for you

Now you’re ready to get moving!

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Josh Metzler

Nishal was highly recommended by my personal trainer, and has provided me with amazing care! In just one appointment, he was able to identify the exact source of a months-long shoulder issue, and provided me with exercises that have completely erased my pain over the course of just a couple weeks. He’s responsive, kind, and has great local food recommendations to boot. 🙂 Can’t recommend enough based on my experience, Nishal is excellent!

Abhishek Bathla

Movement Clinic is 100% responsible for helping me get my back in a good shape. I was having repeated back spasms (some easily triggered by a mundane activity like sneezing). Each occurrence leading to a few days of bed rest. For a person that has struggled with back issues (on and off) over a decade, I was lost until Nishal was recommended by a friend.
Not only is he knowledgable (he will spot a bad exercise repetition/posture in a second), he is also humble enough to lean where he can improve. For example, he realized that my body was adapting slower (to exercises) and that it needed time to go back to strengthening the basics (vs. going fast hardcore). I have been seeing Nishal for a few months now and am in a MUCH better shape than when I started. Thank you so much!!