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The Movement Clinic is a true sports medicine clinic. We offer one-on-one patient care with Doctors of Physical Therapy who have extensively trained in a sports rehab setting. Learn more about our treatment model and process below!

Nishal Patel, PT, DPT, M.S.
Owner, The Movement Clinic

Nishal Patel, PT, DPT, M.S.
Owner, The Movement Clinic

Nishal stretching out the arm of a patient

Our Treatment Model

  • All sessions are one-on-one, no double booking!
  • Every appointment lasts a full hour
  • Treatments are performed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, not technicians or assistants
  • Our facilities include a full weight room and turf
  • Insurance and cash payers are welcome

Common Injuries We Treat

Injuries can happen to anyone, for any reason. Whether you’re a top-tier athlete, the victim of an accident, or something in between, you deserve the best treatment possible, and The Movement Clinic is here to help! Some of the common injuries we treat are:

shoulder pain

Shoulder Pain

ankle pain

Ankle Pain

lower back pain

Low Back Pain

tendon pain

Tendon Pain

neck pain

Neck Pain

chronic pain

Chronic Pain

hip pain

Hip Pain

nerve pain

Nerve Pain

knee pain

Knee Pain

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And more!

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