Success Stories

Low Back Pain

Ashley S
Low Back Pain

I train at Core Progression and Nishal has an office there. I’ve been having some lower back pain for a while now so, my trainer asked if Nishal would take a quick look to make sure I wasn’t in jeopardy of really injuring myself.

Well, in THE TEN MINUTES he spent with me, he helped my back pain significantly with an adjustment AND taught me a thing or two about anatomy in the process. It was actually quite interesting and very apparent that he knows what he’s talking about.

I finally have some insight into what’s been bothering me for years now! I will absolutely be scheduling a real appointment with him to chat more and pick his brain about what else I can do to avoid this pain in the future. Thank you, Nishal!!

Torn Quadriceps

Renay G
Torn Quadriceps

After tearing my quad I was lost on the process of what my recovery would look like. Nishal quickly gave me an outline of what I would be feeling and where I needed to be in my recovery on a weekly basis.

He presented great mannerism, but the most important thing to me was his ability to push me past my limits while making me feel safe. I highly recommend Nishal for your recovery needs. He is very professional and knowledgeable.

Shoulder and Neck

Shinny J
Shoulder and Neck

If I could give 10 stars, I would!! I came to the movement clinic for shoulder and neck pains and general strengthening training. Before meeting Nishal, I have had 2 physiotherapy experiences, but no one can match the dedication, skill level and caring nature of Nishal.

He is super friendly and passionate about what he does, and also explains benefits of every exercise during the sessions. Thanks to him, my postures and techniques have improved a lot and I am hoping to carry forward all the learnings to my regular gym routine. I highly recommend Nishal for physical therapy and strength conditioning. If you are searching for perfection, your search stops right here. Thanks Nishal for keeping up with me and motivating me throughout.

Shoulder Pain

Kaley P
Shoulder Pain

I had a shoulder injury a few months ago and was not able to get back to my active lifestyle as a result. I am a physical therapist and was able to rehab with exercises, but went to Nishal to bring me to my optimal level.

He has been able to tease out my deficits and train me to allow me to return to my highest level of function. He treated me one on one with full focus. He is a wonderful PT, I feel very lucky to have him guiding my treatment!

Knee pain

Jonny Z
Combat Sports Athlete,
Meniscus Surgery

I started working with Nishal 2 months ago on my knee rehab from meniscus surgery. Prior to meeting Nishal, I worked with 2 other PTs from different clinics, but switched around because I felt their service was lackluster. Nishal has been the opposite. From the very first conversation, I could tell he did things differently.

He has set his business up in a way that ensures he can devote the full hour with a patient, 1-on-1. He’s extremely knowledgeable, empathetic, and communicative. His consultations are in-depth and comprehensive, as he’ll dig deep to understand physical limitations and how to work around them. He’ll also take the time to explain the ‘why’ behind his ideas/methods to educate his patients – something I didn’t experience with previous PTs.

His programs are well thought out and are presented via an Excel doc. Each exercise is linked to a Youtube instructional video. It’s been challenging so far, but in the best way possible. Since Nishal is constantly checking in and making adjustments on the fly, you feel he is truly invested in his work, and wants to see you succeed. This is extremely important on the road to recovery, which is often done in isolation and can feel hopeless at times.

Having support from Nishal and the ability to directly communicate with him as my PT has been a game changer for me. Together, we’ve created a program to ensure my return to sports and I could not feel more confident in making my come back to Muay Thai, Jiu-jitsu, and everything else. If you are an athlete who takes their recovery seriously, then you need to check out The Movement Clinic!

Knee pain

Tony A
Marathoner and Boxer,
Knee Injury

As a boxer and marathoner, I’m used to always being on the move. When a sudden knee injury knocked me off my feet, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever run or fight again. Luckily, Nishal was able to help me understand what went wrong and how to recover.

After only 3 sessions with him, i’m back to it and feel great. If you’re looking for an insightful and efficient PT who knows how to ask the right questions and get the right answers, Nishal is your man!